April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Sheens... You may have noticed we added a new member to our family. The cute little golden boy next to princess Char, is our new pup. His previous owners (our neighbors) haven't really been able to handle him from the begining. They finally gave up and passed the ownership on to us! They originally named him Marley... but come on! We can't have a dog named after a cheesy movie. And plus, Charlie and Marley... sound WAY too much alike. Especially to dogs. If one of them is in trouble, they both cower. If one of them is being praised, they both think they're the greatest dog. So we've brainstormed for a few days, trying to find an original name for the boy. We can't decide. So for now, we've been calling him "Beef" or "Dude".

So here he is... meet Beef/Dude!

Isn't he stinkin cute?

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Anonymous said...

Hey! You finally posted again!! And you got your puppy after all (even if it isn't the little dog you wanted, he is stinkin' cute) I know you guys will be MUCH better owners than your crazy neighbor (ha!) We need to bring our dogs over this weekend for Dog Friends time. Plus, we are super excited that Lacey is finally warming up to Char and we need to capitaliza on this asap. Maybe we should try and scam some controllers for some quality 4 player PS3 time?