January 21, 2011


I stink at blogging. 
Things have been great lately! I got a job at Banner Desert in the Emergency Department! It was pretty intimidating at first. It's super busy all the time, but I'm really loving it. Mark's still working at the charter school. He's still running Nitpic (nitpic.net) and he still plays tons of video games. Charlie's Valley Fever is getting better, she has a lot more energy. Sad news though, Charlie recently went blind. She had SARDS Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome. So she bumps her head into things a lot but she's already getting better at getting around. And Bokey is a good boy most of the time. 
A lot has happened since I last posted... how about I post a bazillion pictures to show what's been going on, eh?
Posts with pictures to come...

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