April 8, 2012

February - March

#1 : LA getaway for my birthday weekend. We visited our friends, Chris and Lindsay and visited Mark's cousin Kevin and his wife Adrianne. Deacon was awesome on the drive there and back! It was a pretty fabulous weekend.
Mark and Kitty.
#2 : 2nd birthday event - went bowling with friends.
#3 : And to keep the birthday fun going as long as possible... had dinner with my family for my birthday and Mark's.
Deac loves his Nana.
#4: Date night - I won.
#5: Did some yard work. The dogs watched and Deacon supervised.
#6: Voted!

#1 : Ate "Mexican" (Top Shelf) for Mark's birthday with his family. Yummy!!

#2 : For Mark's birthday weekend, we got together with friends (Gary&Holly&Cora, Brett&Carly&boys, Riley&Alexis, Joel&Jenny, and Greg) for lunch at Nello's and laser tag! Laser tag was actually pretty fun, I completely stink at it. I'm glad the guys had fun though.
#3: Celebrated Mark's sister Kristen's birthday a few weeks later!

#4: We decided to paint the house... FINALLY! I had gotten used to the yellow walls and kind of forgot how horrible they were, until I looked at this picture!
And here's what it looks like after... It's kind of a stone gray, between gray and beige. Still a lot to do but sooo much better. Can you spot the baby in this picture?
#5 : Mark begrudgingly agreed to get family pictures taken. I was so excited, and I love the way they turned out!

#6 : One of my best friend's fiance got baptized! I couldn't be happier for Tori and Jovan. They're perfect!

In Deacon news...
Here are some of his favorite things lately:
Loves to roll every where.
Loves his 2 bottom teeth, and chews on everything!
Loves to pet his doggies.
Loves to kick and kick and kick.

Loves to be tickled.
Loves holding his own bottle.
Loves to grab everything, he opens and closes his hand over and over on everything possible.
Loves to cross his ankles - always crossed (unless he's kicking).
Loves his aunties.
Loves to growl.
Loves to do headstands.

Loves his bouncer and his walker (mostly just the toys).
Loves mornings.

Loves his baby food - pears, prunes, sweet potatoes... his recent favorite: apples/cinnamon/oats/quinoa - even I think it's good!
Loves to walk with help on his tippy toes.
And just recently... loves to crawl!

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Jacob and Sara said...

Oh my goodness. Deacon is too cute for words. He is such a happy baby!!! Don't you love how the most simple things make them overhwelmingly excited!? Its so fun watching him reach all these new milestones. He is getting too big too fast! Love your cute lil family!