July 15, 2009

Our pleasant, easy to care for, never cause a problem pups...

Mark says the only pictures I take are of the dogs. Whaaaat?! No...
But just for fun, here are some of the pros and cons I have come up with,
of owning a dog... Or 2. Or 4.

I'll start with the cons...

You'll be having a wonderful night with your sweet husband... to top off your lovely time together, you get to come home to this!

Sometimes you get to dog-sit and this is how they'll show their appreciation for you taking them in. But it's ok Dante, we forgive you. (that's a blanket)

This is how they punish you (on many occasions) for not keeping up with their constant need of bones and chew toys.

When they're feeling like they're not getting the most love in the house, this is how they tell you your marriage is getting in the way of their happiness.

Good ol' Dante... loves us so much he felt he needed to eat his way through our wall to get to us.

And that there is a box of books nibbled just far enough in to squeeze his body through and accomplish his goal. The goal he accomplished?... Dante got past a 50 gallon water tank full of water, which according to Wikianswers.com weighs approximately 417.2702 pounds... a pretty heavy generator... and huge pieces of wood. You get the picture. This dog is freaky strong and deserves an award for his unwavering determination.

Sometimes they have to go to the vet and get lumps removed. :( Poor char.
Boy occasionally kills baby birds. He's such a lover he plays and plays and plays with them until they stop moving. Then he feels guilty and brings the lifeless birds to us.
Ah! Throughout these pups' lifetime, I'm certain the amount of money we spend on dog toys will add up into the millions some day...

Again, when those toys aren't immediately available to boy's pretty little paws, he punishes us. Then we cry and beg him to forgive us and shower him with presents. It usually works.
I can't decide if this crazy dog face is a pro or a con.

And for the pros... these next photos pretty much explain themselves.

Now this... is a pro. Look at those pup pitty paws.

And their pup poopers. So cute...
Puppy secrets.
Pup curiosity.
They love their mommy.
And they love playing PSP with their daddy.
They lay on your lap while you're driving. They let you put fake zombie teeth in their mouths.
They'll do anything for a treat.
And they make the cutest sad pup faces.

Despite the torture and damage our home and our wallets take because of these pups, they're stinkin cute and they've won our hearts.

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Cara said...

April, you need some real people kids, they don't make that huge of messes.:)