August 12, 2009

Ever wonder what to do with your growing collection of plastic bags?

I've found a few options.

You could make a scary Halloween costume.
And for you crafty people...

you could make a plastic bag wreath.

or plastic bag shoes.

or a stylish plastic bag bag.

And the option I'll most likely do...

Take my bags to Walmart, where they are collecting bags to recycle them.

How awesome is that?! Sometimes I don't like Walmart, but today...

... I kinda like them.


riley said...

i wonder how to make the bag and the shoes??/u have any idea

Lizzie & Ty said...

Hey April! It's Liz(Schroeder)! I'm SO glad to see you have a blog! And you and your husband make such a cute pair! And who would have ever thought to make shoes or a purse! haha...I really am diggin that wreath tho! How is Royce these days? Is he staying outta trouble? Glad to see your doing well!