April 21, 2011


Sorry about all the baby posts lately, I know it gets old. And I think I've taken to that point... or maybe past it?
Life has calmed down a bit. I'm used to work now, not as stressed out as I was before. Ooh ooh, I also have my energy back! So I think I'll attempt to be better at blogging, just for fun. :)

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Jarvis ♥ Family said...

well when you get pregnant or already have kids, they are your life now and that's all that is really to blog about! haha That's all i ever blog about unless me or josh do something exciting, like i am doing a 5k in september! haha then that's what we blog about! Don't worry about it, blogger is a good journal and you can get them printed into books! I am trying to get my boys books done! Glad you have your energy back! It's always good to have that! Love you and miss you guys!!!