May 10, 2011

Letters to Little Sheen 3

March 31, 2011
17 weeks. Pretty sure I felt you move today. Felt like a tiny little flutter in my lower stomach, unlike anything I've felt before.
April 7, 2011
18 weeks. Now I'm positive it's been you making those funny feelings in my tummy. I have felt it every day for the last week. Also, we had another ultrasound today! It was incredible seeing you in there all squished, moving your tiny arms and legs. The ultrasound tech measured all your body parts and organs, and you're growing right on track! It took a long time because she couldn't get a good view of your "area". So she had me go to the bathroom to relieve some of the pressure from my bladder. She let dad in on a little secret while I was in the bathroom and told him she was pretty sure you were a boy. I got back and sure enough, she found the cutest little boy parts. Daddy was holding my hand through the ultrasound and gave me a tight squeeze when she confirmed that you were a boy. We couldn't be more excited!!
May 9, 2011
23 weeks along. You kick and punch my belly constantly, and they're gettting stronger every week! Dad can feel and see your kicks now too. It really is an amazing feeling. I've been working on the nursery lately. I've painted the walls, bought a crib and dresser, started sanding the dresser today to paint it, bought a carseat, some crib bedding, and lots of cute clothes! I had an appointment today, and got to hear your heartbeat again. Another month and we get to see you again on the ultrasound! Every night I lay my hands on my belly and feel you squirm around inside. It's weird, but I feel like I'm getting to know you, I can feel that you're here with me. Your dad and I are anxiously awaiting your arrival, and we can't wait to hold you in our arms!

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I love the flutters!