February 3, 2012

January Wrap-up

Hi 2 friends that read my blog and don't just look at the pictures! (We all know it's true) I'm an awful blogger, but whenever I look back on past posts, I still enjoy it. So here goes 'Start blogging more often' attempt #47. I'm noticing a trend on some other blogs I follow where they're doing quick monthly or weekly summaries. I think I'll give it a try, with a few pictures in the mix.

January seriously flew by. We're in 2012, what the wha?

#1: Started it off with a new years party at our place. Was it really a party? We talked, played half a game of cards, ate pizza, LARPed, lit sparklers, and the boys of course played some StarCraft. Pretty insane partying goes on at the Sheen's, trust me, I know.

#2: Absolutely loving my new job at Banner Ironwood in the Emergency Department. It literally takes me 4 minutes to get to work, it's less stressful than my last job, and the people I work with are pretty awesome! And the shift... It's from 3pm-11pm, 4 nights a week. I get Deacon in the morning, Mark gets him at night. Perfect for us!

#3: Celebrated our Anniversary! We've been married for 3 years! My mom babysat the Deac while we saw Sherlock Holmes 2 at the IPic Theatres, ate dinner at Grimaldi's pizza, and spent the night at a hotel in Scottsdale. It was a nice, relaxing evening. I'm not gonna get all mushy about our love or anything, I'll just say Mark is a pretty righteous husband! (Yep, Bringing that 80's term back)

#4: My brother Royce and his wife Sophia blessed their baby Alan Royce Wilkins IV. Baby Alan and Deacon are best friends/cousins, and only 5 weeks apart! Baby Alan was so cute on his blessing day.

#5: Went to see Joel cross the finish line at the PF Chang's Marathon. It was a lot of fun. Spent the day with friends at the event, then had lunch at PF Chang's to celebrate Joel's accomplishment. I'm pretty sure... no, almost positive I would die if I ran a marathon.

#6: Celebrated Jenny's birthday and Joel's birthday a few weeks later!

#7: My cousin Joni and her husband Travis were sealed in the Mesa Temple! My mom and I, and a lot of their family were able to go through the temple with them, then we had lunch at Olive Garden to celebrate.

#8: In Deacon news - the little guy rolls over now from tummy to back all the time and from back to tummy a couple of times. He notices Bokey now and loves it when Bokey gets near him so he can feel his fur and laugh at him. He knows how to hold objects much better, and passes them between both hands. He started eating rice cereal, took him some time to get used to it but now he loves it! Deac has been super happy lately, laughs and squeals all the time! I have a million pictures and videos, can't get enough of it!

#9: Mark is back in school, getting his Masters in IT through Harvard University Online. He's super busy with school and work, but he's doing awesome so far!

#10: Had a girls night with some friends at our house. Too bad not everyone could make it, but so great to see such awesome friends! Also, Deac got to spend some time with his best friend, Luke!

And that was January!


Jacob and Sara said...

I LOVE the pic where Deacon and Boy are having a staring contest...I'd say Deacon won. & the one where he's all spread out kinda like a cheerleader, it's absolutely fantastic! He is too cute for words. He's such a big boy now AP! He was just born yesterday I swear. & I am one of the MANY who read your blog:) Love you woman!

Danielle Larson said...

April! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I just wanted to say that I am a reader of your cute blog and your baby is beautiful!! Your hair looks amazing and healthy too (might I add). It looks like you guys have been doing well and I love Royce's beard :). I am glad that he seems to be doing well also.

Lindsey said...

I am so upset that we couldn't come to your New Years party. Maybe next year!

Lyndsay said...

I also fall into the slacking blogger category, its nice to know Im not alone. Deacon is getting so big, and how fun that him and Luke are best buds!